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Non-Invasive Body Contouring

EvolveX is non-invasive treatment that reduces fat, tightens skin, remodels the tissue, and stimulates muscles without surgery or downtime. Treatment areas may include the abdomen, arms, inner and outer thighs, back, and buttocks.

EvolveX Transform provides two procedures in one visit. Bipolar radiofrequency energy (RF) for deep heating of dermal and adipose tissue, plus electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) alternate to deliver a

synergistic layering treatment that reduces fat, enhances skin appearance, reduces cellulite, and strengthens muscles.

EvolveX Tone works by emitting electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) to stimulate involuntary muscle contractions to tone and strengthen the muscles. During these contractions, the muscle reacts by creating new strands of protein and muscle fibers (muscle hyperplasia) and increasing the number of myofibrils within the muscle fibre (muscle hypertrophy). Each 30 minute treatment session delivers 288,000 pulses to stimulate involuntary muscle contractions. Target specific muscle groups to increase muscle strength and refine the look of muscles. 

We recommend at least three to six sessions, spaced one week apart. Single treatment sessions may also be necessary to maintain ideal results every one to three months.

Each treatment session takes approximately 30 to 60 minutes depending on the treatment area. Normal activity may be resumed right away.

It is important to maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine for best results. 

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